Samsung is a small player in 5G networks, but it intends to change that using 6G as it starts study on another generation.

The Korean behemoth will be expecting to have the leap in 6G over recognized heavyweights such as Nokia and Ericsson.

Samsung’s 6G study is based at the organization’s home state of Seoul in the Advanced Communications Research Center.

“The present team on telecommunications technologies criteria was enlarged to begin leading study on the 6G system,” a Samsung spokesperson told The Korea Herald.

Early predictions anticipate rates of 1Tbps from 6G. While few programs need such blistering rates today, who knows what’s likely to be required in approximately six years (granted the approximate difference between 4G and 5G).

Obviously, we should not anticipate 6G anytime soon — it is likely to be a time until 5G even reaches mass saturation in many nations.

Although somewhat debated who found initially, South Korea is considered to have changed on the very first business 5G network before this season. In case it did start 5G first, South Korea was really closely followed by the usa.

Samsung’s opponents likely have small teams specializing in 6G research, but it is very good to find the company plant a flag that ancient.

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