Accenture has obtained Swedish tactical adviser, Northstream to expand its capacities in the Nordic area.

Northstream provides services to cellular operators, handset and network vendors, and the business at large. The business helps communications service providers (CSPs) identify business changes, adapt to market fluctuations, and also make capital from new business and technology opportunities.

With this acquisition, Accenture will aim to handle CSP requirement for community consulting programs around 5G installation and IoT connectivity, together with major transformational programmes which may contain of telecom system cloud deployments and functioning model transformations. Virtually 30 professionals in Northstream will probably be joining Accenture’s communications, technology & media working group and will improve its media and communications business consulting capacity.

Mattias Lewrén, Nordic CMT direct and Sweden nation managing director at Accenture, said:”With Northstream currently a part of Accenture, we are in a much stronger position to supply our communications customers with all the invention directed services that they should deal with the challenges they are facing — such as digital-driven disruption, shifting client expectations, and competition from brand new digital natives.”

A current report by Everest Group, titled”Enterprise Platform IT Services at Banking and Financial Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2019″, which spanned 20 providers on many capability-related measurements linked with enterprise stage IT services, has called Accenture as a leader based on 2 standards. First is Market Impact, which steps service suppliers’ market adoption, portfolio mix and value delivered to customers, and the moment is Vision and Capability, including standards like plan, service range, investments and innovation, and delivery footprint.

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