UK mobile operator EE has issued an official complaint to the advertising watchdog about competition Three on its’actual 5G’ advertising.

Three continues to be advertising that it is the sole UK mobile operator to provide”actual” 5G in papers and societal networking articles.

National marketing rules in the united kingdom demand claims of excellence over a competition to be endorsed with evidence that is clear. But, Three’s promise of being the sole UK mobile operator to provide true 5G is not entirely unsubstantiated.

Three has scooped up 140MHz of 5G-friendly spectrum, such as one 100MHz neighboring block. Three asserts that this will help it provide peak rates up to twice as quickly as any competitor system at launch. Together with 50MHz of spectrum, Vodafone is Three’s nearest competition.

International 5G criteria body the ITU says’accurate’ 5G needs 100MHz of 5G spectrum; that is why Three continues to be producing the claim of superiority over its competitors in its advertising.

“5G is a game-changer for 3, and naturally I’m excited that we’ll be the sole operator in the united kingdom who will provide accurate 5G,” stated Three CEO Dave Dyson at June.

Where EE might have reasons for its watchdog criticism is that Three’s 5G system is relatively untested because of a limited rollout. While Three’s 5G network seems great on paper, real-world states may show different.

Before this week, Three established its very first 5G support as a home broadband alternative in London. Initial evaluations indicate rapid speeds, but it is worth keeping in mind that the limited rollout means there’ll be small network congestion Now:


An evaluation by the brink of all EE’s smartphone 5G support in London averaged approximately 200Mbps download. EE probably has more 5G smartphone users on its network compared to Three has 5G dwelling broadband clients — and the rate tests were conducted in various areas — so it is definitely not a like-for-like contrast, but it provides a general idea.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said it has received five complaints regarding three’s effort, one of which came from EE’s parent firm BT.

“Three’s promise are the sole real 5G system is completely false, and intentionally aimed at deceiving customers,” EE stated in a statement. “Our clients have been using actual 5G because we started the UK’s very first 5G community, back in May.”

EE and Vodafone have shown under 20 areas because of their 5G launches this season, but have networks reside in about seven towns each. O2 will just establish in six cities this season before expanding into 50 by summertime 2020. Three strategies to establish 5G in 25 cities prior to the conclusion of 2019.

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