Despite pre-event rumours indicating differently, the Huawei P30 Guru isn’t sending with 5G support.

Telecoms was in attendance in Huawei’s most up-to-date handset launch. Huawei started its summit discussing its art rather than only smart phones, but also in telecoms infrastructure.

Maybe it was only usbut it felt like a build-up to announcing it’d be using that experience to be one of the first to send a 5G smartphone. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the situation.

We should not be amazed, the’P’ show from Huawei concentrates more on its own camera creations than anything else. On the other hand, the inescapable 30 will most likely ship using 5G support after this year.

“We’re considering to place 5G on another Mate collection,” explained Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, talking to CNET. “This fall we are going to be all set to this on the Mate collection ”

Surely in Europe, there is minimal rush to send a 5G smartphone. Supporting networks are only just beginning to come online and it’s going to be a while until they are widespread post-Mate 30 launch.

“From the European market, 5G will be largely for next year that I figure,” Yu commented.

Huawei has announced its initial 5G smartphone at the Mate X though it’s yet to get a launch date and will require most visitors to carry a small loan with a cost starting at $2,600.

Samsung, name-dropped during Huawei’s summit, has declared a 5G edition of its Galaxy S10. While Huawei’s conclusion is clear, Samsung has made it feel like a missed chance for Huawei to flex its telecoms muscle.

We will most likely be in the Mate 30 start prepared to place its own 5G support into the evaluation.

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