Online testing firm Ookla has criticised AT&T’s boasts about its contentious’5G-E’ network.

5G-E is AT&T’s rebranding of its own LTE-Advanced community and has been famous for being deceiving. AT&T defends its choice on the grounds it will produce a basic part of its 5G network.

Last week, AT&T issued a media release asserting its 5G-E community delivered the”fastest wireless network in the country”.

AT&T cited rate test results in Ookla to back up its promise, but Ookla asserts the outcomes do not automatically paint the entire picture.

The operator’s system did come out high with an average download rate of 34. 65 Mbps in Q1 2019, while Verizon (33. 07 Mbps) and Sprint (31. 21 Mbps) dropped just behind.

But, AT&T just recently hit the top spot after being in third position in the past quarter. Since the Verge notedthis is probably because of being”much slower to embrace the more recent LTE technology (matters like MIMO–several antennas arrays–and carrier aggregation) compared to its rivals were.”

One assert by AT&T particularly, that at the past week of Q1 it struck a typical download of 40.7 Mbps, was called outside by Ookla.

Ookla notes iOS 12.2 rolled out this week including the 5G-E icon. This could have prompted users to run speed tests on their apparatus which skewed the results of AT&T’s favour.

In a blog post, Ookla composed:

“At the last week of Q1, we observed an increase in quicker evaluations obtained on AT&T’s network. Upon analysis, we found that this connected with the launch of iOS 12.2 along with the roll from AT&T’s 5G E icon.

We also discovered that the growth in evaluations was coming out of device versions that could have begun to show the 5G E star, like the centuries of iPhone (XR, XS Max, XS, X, 8, 8 Plus), suggesting that customers were viewing the icon and carrying a test to determine what rates they had been receiving.”

Ookla goes on to state these discrepancies is the reason it doesn’t make decisions based on less than a quarter results.

But despite that last week eliminated, AT&T’s system was only about the quickest. Each one the country’s large four are close concerning average performance with no standout chief (s).

Sprint is now in the process of having AT&T within its’misleading’ 5G-E branding.

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