US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has promised China desires’to split Western alliances through bits and bytes’ amid danger to decrease UK security alliance in the event the nation allows Huawei in federal 5G networks.

Pompeo was on a brief trip to the UK and warned that the nation not to’go wobbly’ over 5G safety — paraphrasing what Margaret Thatcher once famously advised late US President George H.W. Bush.

“In China, we confront a new sort of struggle; an authoritarian regime that is integrated effectively to the West in a way that the Soviet Union never had been,” Pompeo was quoted as saying by Reuters.

“Ask yourself: will the Iron Lady be hushed when China violates the sovereignty of countries through corruption or coercion? Can she let China to restrain the net of the future?”

Leaks in the meeting of the National Security Council indicated the UK was minded to enable the usage of Huawei 5G gear in’non-core’ portions of networks.

The US claims any participation poses a national security threat and the escape prompted increased stress in the UK’s closest ally, and fellow’Five Eyes’ spouse, to prohibit Huawei or face a decrease in collaboration over grounds it could possibly be compromised.

“Insufficient security will impede the United States’ capacity to share specific information within trusted networks” he added. “That is what China needs — to split Western alliances bits and bytes, not bombs and bullets.”

“The Chinese government can demand access to information flowing through Huawei and ZTE systems. Why would anybody grant this power into a regime which has grossly violated cyberspace”

UK culture secretary Jeremy Wright reacted to Pompeo’s remarks that no decision has been made. If deemed necessary, Wright doesn’t rule out a delay to 5G’s rollout to safeguard national security — even though it involves using more expensive equipment.

“There is definitely the potential for a delay in the practice of this rollout of 5G,” he explained. “If you would like to do 5G speediest then you do this with no consideration for safety.”

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