Qualcomm and Lenovo have educated us that the humble notebook will also be revolutionised by 5G as part of a new alliance.

Much of the conversation round 5G is dominated by mobiles as well as the IoT — that is reasonable, but let us not overlook the options of 5G-connected PCs.

Announced at Computex in Taipei, Qualcomm announced that it is teaming up with Lenovo about the very first 5G notebook that’s presently being dubbed’Project Limitless’ (we’ve got a feeling that it will not be retailed as such.)

Alex Katouzian, SVP and General Manager of Mobile Business in Qualcomm, stated:

“Our cooperation with Lenovo will provide transformative PC user experiences for both consumers and the business as a result of the platform’s functionality and energy efficiency, together with the high speed, low-latency connectivity made possible by 5G.”

Limitless attributes Lenovo’s signature matte black finish and 360-level Yoga-style hinge, along with a thin bezel screen and big trackpad.

The unit is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx chip paired with a Snapdragon x55 5G modem comprising 7GBps transfer rates. While hitting 7GBps to a 5G relationship is improbable, even attaining half that would start up a universe of opportunities.

For anybody who does business on-the-move, coping with what now seems big files will be a breeze with multi-gigabit rates. Upcoming cloud streaming solutions such as xCloud and Stadia will imply immediate access to 4K — maybe 1 day 8K — matches while sitting on a train with nearly zero latency.

Johnson Jia, SVP and GM, Consumer Business of Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo, remarks:

“With actual 5G at a PC, it is about fulfilling users’ need for speed: faster file transfers and streaming from 4K, 8K and maybe even AR/VR; quicker and high quality audio chats on-the-go; much quicker display refreshes for mobile gambling.

When we state unlimited connectivity, we mean it 5G PC users that the world-over will save time, remain productive, or receive online amusement from almost anywhere, at any moment.”

As somebody who wants to receive his gambling fix between functioning on-the-go, the capacity for these cases to become fact is exciting. It’s true that you can find some simple work and gambling performed on your smartphone nowadays — however 5G is going to provide notebooks a fresh breath of life.

Thank you for alerting us about the small notebook, Qualenovo.

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