SK Telecom reports it was able to attain high download rates in the last period of its 5G tests utilizing a Samsung Galaxy S10.

Within a partnership between the South Korean businesses, the duo reached a download rate of 2.7Gbps. SK Telecom noted that a 2GB movie could be downloaded over six seconds at those rates.

The evaluation was ran on SK Telekom’s 3.5GHz spectrum and used Samsung’s virtual heart which affirms 4G and 5G concurrently.

A spokesperson for Samsung stated:

“This achievement is part of a continuing alliance between SK Telecom and Samsung of several decades.

Pushing forward ancient 5G commercialization, the firms have succeeded in the world’s first 4G and 5G interworking back in 2017 (hyperlink ) and world’s earliest 5G Next-Generation Core (5G NC) trial in June 2018 (hyperlink ), which included user and control planes separation and VNFs execution according to 3GPP launch 15 criteria”

The’Galaxy’ line of smart phones are a number of the planet’s most popular; making them a fantastic illustration of what users may count on. Obviously, once found, 5G networks are going to be under far more pressure than in present evaluation requirements.

South Korea is expected to be one of the very first nations to rollout 5G networks in scale. The very first industrial networks are set to start next month after a brief delay arising out of issues getting compatible apparatus into shops.

A limited choice of 5G apparatus are declared, but more are set to be published through the year. Huawei is expected to launch a 5G edition of its forthcoming P30 through an event later this month.

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