SK Telecom has announced it has reached the milestone of a million 5G subscribers — a mere 140 day since the launching of its own network in April.

Currently, the South Korean operator’s 5G subscribers accounts for over 3.5percent of its total subscriber base of 28 million. According to the South Korean telecom operator, its 5G user base climbed as rapidly because its 4G LTE customer base. When the firm first started LTE in July 2011, it merely took approximately 8 weeks for LTE to attain more than a million readers. The organization’s figures show that the average monthly information utilization of consumers who switched apparatus from LTE into 5G climbed almost 65percent from 20.4GB (LTE) into 33.7GB (5G).

As of August 19, SK Telecom enrolled 880,000 5G customers because the next-generation telecom technician was initially introduced. The amount of those subscribers abruptly jumped in two weeks with the initiation of the Samsung Galaxy Notice 10 smartphone. Right now, the business provides three 5G smartphones; the Galaxy S10 5G, V50 ThinQ 5G, and Galaxy Notice 10 5G.

Reporting its own Q2 performance earlier this month, SK Telecom posted revenue of 3 billion, operating income of 218 million, and net earnings of #175m. This was primarily due to the organization’s market share in 5G the telecom operator’s earnings jumped from the quarter. On the other hand, the provider’s operating income decreased, mainly because of advertising expenses and investment from the 5G network.

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