T-Mobile and Ericsson have ran the initial stand 5G data session at the USA.

Present 5G networks aren’t standalone and demand a simultaneous link to a LTE network. Even though a non-standalone architecture nonetheless provides better rates and functionality compared to simply LTE, a standalone structure is logical for some fresh business 5G services like smart cities.

T-Mobile utilized Ericsson’s AIR 6488 radio and Baseband 6630. These goods, from Ericsson’s Radio System portfolio, may be standalone with only a software upgrade.

Based on Ericsson, Standalone New Radio (SA NR) — combined with cloud-native 5G Center — can help to electricity exciting new programs like cellular VR, cloud gambling, and connected automobiles. Such programs require virtually real time feedback and dependable connectivity.

“This significant 5G breakthrough is just another illustration of the way the T-Mobile technology team continues to innovate and push the whole industry forward. I couldn’t be pleased with these,” explained T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray in a statement.

“5G brings a brand new era in wireless, also when our merger with Sprint is accepted, the New T-Mobile will bring together the vision and resources needed to ensure America has a community that is next to none”

T-Mobile hasn’t given what spectrum it utilized to its standalone 5G information session, but a spokesperson has confirmed it had been sub-6GHz.

As a part of concessions to acquire against the Department of Justice’s approval for its planned T-Mobile-Sprint merger, Sprint will divest its prepaid company to Dish. Dish is going to have access to T-Mobile’s network via an MVNO arrangement for seven decades while Dish builds out its 5G standalone system.

T-Mobile states it intends to present standalone 5G in 2020. All today’s 5G networks in america are now not standalone.

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