UK ISP has blocked popular image-sharing site Imgur over allegations it is a favorite host of child porn.

Virgin Media clients Trying to see Imgur are being satisfied with this particular message:

“Access was denied by your online access provider since this particular page could contain indecent images of children according to the Internet Watch Foundation.”

Imgur is notorious for hosting memes and GIFs, but it appears the Internet Watch Foundation has discovered it is being used to host illegal content.


Imgur is popular for hosting pictures to boost website loading rates by decreasing bandwidth consumption, together with decreasing hosting prices.

The image-sharing site is not likely to be hosting prohibited content intentionally, but it is going to reignite the debate over if services like Imgur have to do more to counter misuse. 

Services such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, WhatsApp, Telegram, and much more have come under fire by police for not efficiently handling problems like child abuse, hate speech, cyberbullying, fake information, and terrorist propaganda.

Every agency has millions, or even billions, of consumers. Manual content of everything each user uploads is just not possible. Most services are using AI to assist flag possibly debatable content for guide moderation.

Last week, media-sharing giant Instagram announced the launching of an AI-powered’intervention’ alternative for cyberbullying. Instagram will ask”are you sure you need to post this?” In the event the AI flags media or a remark as possibly abusive, to truly make the user feel about what they are doing.

Instagram-owner Facebook has arguably faced the brunt of criticisms since the planet’s most common social network. Problems have included live streams of suicides and terrorist attacks, political manipulation, and also the growth of persuasive’deepfake’ videos.

Services such as Imgur have fewer resources in comparison to businesses like Facebook, therefore it’s going to be intriguing to learn how it is able to get to grips with prohibited content on its own platform.

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